Utilities supply
water complete supply with continuous development – except for the areas newly qualified as “industrial park areas”
water-pipe system with 500 m3/day throughput
sewage complete supply with continuous development – except for the areas newly qualified as “industrial park areas”
560 m3/day capacity pipeline
electricity network complete supply
a 15 MW sub-station in the neighborhood of the industrial park
gas complete supply with continuous development – except for the areas newly qualified as “industrial park areas”
main pipeline with a throughput capacity of 550 m3/h
internet can be built up in the entire area of the industrial park according to the investors’ demands
coated road surfaces complete supply with continuous development – except for the areas newly qualified as “industrial park areas”
5 and 6m wide tarmac roads
drainage canal complete supply with continuous development – except for the areas newly qualified as “industrial park areas”

Local taxes in the area of the Industrial Park

Building tax:

The subject of the tax is the person who owns the building on the first day of the calendar year.
The base of the tax is the useful floor area of the building calculated in m².

Rate of the tax: 500.-HUF/m2

Plot tax:

In the case of a rental construction there is no plot tax obligation for the renter.

The subject of the tax is the person who owns the plot on the first day of the calendar year.
The base of the tax is the area of the plot calculated in m².

Rate of the tax: 80.-Ft/m2

Following the acquirement of the legally binding permission of implementation (1 January), the area covered by a building, and its useful floor area is free of plot tax.

In the case of a construction that does not qualify as a building (e.g. parking lot, paving-block decorative street coating, causeway):

the rate of plot tax:

0-200 m2 – free

200-2000m2 – 100 HUF/m2

above 2000m2 – 250 HUF/m2 .

Local business tax:

Any constant or temporary enterprise activity is taxable in the area of competence of the local municipality (hereinafter referred to as: business activity).

Annual rate of business tax: 2% of the taxable amount.

In the case of temporary business activity, the rate of the tax is 5000 HUF per calendar day.



Services promoting the settling down and running of enterprises

For the handling of the financial affairs of the enterprises several companies offer their services: a branch of OTP Bank, post office, a savings cooperative, financial and business advisors. For the implementation of building and constructing tasks the Municipality has agreements with the biggest domestic contractor companies, which provide comprehensive constructing services. Also, several IT and communication enterprises are operating in the town.

Different bureaus and offices available in the town:

– Mórahalom Sub-office of the Szeged District Land Register

Office of government-issued documents

– Tourinform Agency

– Rural development center

– Energy Advisory and Information Center

Social and healthcare facilities:

– General practitioner- , children’s medical service and dental care service

– Ambulance station with central medical attendance

– Medical specialist services

– Thermal spa – providing medical treatments

– Different level institutes of geriatric care

– Nursery, family day care center

– Basic social services (day care of the elderly and the disabled, assistance at home, assistance at home with a signal system, support service, community care, residential facility of the elderly)

– public catering/staff catering

– occupational health care

Tourism, catering industry:

– Hotels: Elixír Medical Wellness Hotel, Colosseum Hotel ****superior, Thermal Private Hotel Mórahalom

– 80 guesthouses

– Entertainment options for tourists: fishing, hunting, horse riding, trekking

– Restaurants, private hotels, cafés, accommodations

– Opportunities offered by rural tourism

– Large-sized public parks, groves, park forests in a total of approx. 25 ha

– In the outskirts of the town there are nature reserves waiting for the people who need a rest

Culture, entertainment:

– Erzsébet (Elisabeth) Spa with medical services,  swimming pools and experience pools

– Stadium

– Outdoor sport facilities

– Library

– “Aranyszöm” (“Golden Eye”) Event House and theatre

– Cacao Club – youth and community house

– Country House

Public safety:

– Alarm center

– Police station

– Fire department

– Security

– Border surveillance station

– Remote surveillance service provider with marching out service

Incubation activity


In the area of the Park an Incubation Center started its operation in 2001 with PHARE and  Ministry of Economy financial aid. This center consists of two service groups. One of them is the earlier built Incubator house, and the other one is the Incubator Hall, where offices and rooms for rent make the activity of the freshly-launched enterprises easier.

Incubator Centre in Röszkei road

Provides office infrastructure for the immigrating freshly-launched enterprises at a much better price than the market price.


Parameters of the offices:
– 3 buildings with the following floor areas: 454m2, 417m2 and 247m2,
– office, educational, consulting functions,
– fully equipped with furniture and IT equipment,

Incubator Hall

The new method applied to promote the immigration of freshly-launched enterprises is to provide space for them in the incubator hall. The Incubator Hall of Mórahalom has a useful  floor space of 833 m², which can be split to ten identical, rentable units. The separating walls between the units are permeable and can be modified according to demands.

Technical parameters of the units:
– the hall is 7m high, 60m long, 14m wide,
– lightweight structure,
– separate industrial gates (respectively), their size: 245 cm wide and 275 cm high,
– 60 m² of work floor, separate warehouse spaces,
– social rooms, changing rooms,
– overhead costs (water, gas, electric current) are measurable separately,
– office rooms can be rented separately in the Incubator House.

The working hall of the new incubator house was built right next to the main building of the Industrial Park, thus this new working hall creates the infrastructure necessary for the production processes, while for the running and arrangement of business, administrative and advisory, consulting affairs, and also for the technology transfers, the neighboring buildings provide space. This solution would result in direct cost-saving and efficiency-increase for the immigrating enterprises.

Incubator Center in Szegedi road

Móraép Urban Management and Commercial Non-profit Public Benefit Limited Liability Company established an Incubator Center for Enterprises using EU-subsidy. During the implementation of the project 4 lightweight building complexes were created with metal truss and built using “sandwich panels”, with a useful floor space of more than 2000 m2 .


This investment took place at the western gate of Mórahalom,  in the now forming new service quarter. The 9 working hall units to be created can be rented by freshly-launched enterprises and those still in the emerging phase with favorable conditions. Via the services wished to be provided the immigrants can enjoy the benefits resulting from the incubator nature, and at the same time they can serve their clients in a competitive-level estate.

Offices for rent in the incubator hall of Móra-Group Ltd.

  • address: 10 Vállalkozók útja (Kissori street’s corner), Mórahalom
  • contact person: István János Krisztin managing director
  • contacts: +36-30/ 38-01229, krisztin@morahalom.hu



Seven offices on the first floor of the building, each are 21m² in floor space, plus meeting room, kitchenette and social block.