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The objective of our guide is to present the town of Mórahalom and the Homokhát Regional Agro-Industrial Scientific and Technological Park to You, and to inform You about the possibilities, opportunities we are waiting the town visitors and those who wish to settle down in the industrial park with.


HUN_Mórahalom_hivatalos_címer_2013Mórahalom is a dynamically developing farming town-type settlement, center of a small-regional cooperation.  It celebrated the 100th anniversary of its establishment in 1992. Previously, in 1989 the settlement received the rank of town. Its infrastructural situation is worthy to this rank: it has a fully built up utility network. Town-level educational, cultural, health, social and commercial supply and care serves the demands of its citizens, who are famous for their hospitality and tradition-respect.

Mórahalom is the center of the “Homokhát” region with approximately 45000 residents. The main source of making a living for the people living here is: agriculture. Thanks to the accumulated experiences, the intensive production culture and the local climate vegetables and fruits are produced with such characteristic flavors, which are not only nationally sought after, but also abroad and they have the value of a Hungaricum. Part of the citizens of working age work in Szeged, in industrial factories. These people would gladly work in factories closer to their hometown. In this region the leading economic sector may be the processing industry connected to agriculture, the agriculture, and the tourism.

We had established the Homokhát Regional Agro-Industrial Scientific and Technological Park with the consideration of these factors. The objective was to develop such a favorable infrastructural base, which, based on the scientific culture and human resources of the Szeged-centered region, provides the most optimal conditions for the enterprises and investors. In the first wave of the creation of industrial parks in Hungary, and as the very first in Csongrád county – the government supported the initiative of the town to create an industrial park. This at the same time was an indication, because it showed that the well-founded innovational activity improvement of the town is in harmony with the national and regional area development efforts, on the other hand promoted the winning of EU and domestic grants, and their purposeful use.

We are waiting for those immigrants, who deem that the Homokhát Regional Agro-Industrial Scientific and Technological Park, next to the triple border and nearby the planned logistical center in Szeged provides an outstanding opportunity for the implementation of their investment. The Industrial Park realized in a clear and nice environment is waiting for those small- and medium-sized enterprises which would like to exploit the nearness of the Balkan and South-East European markets.

nogradi-zoltanZoltán Nógrádi
mayor of Mórahalom

Homokhát Regional Agro-Industrial Scientific and Technological Park

Considering the economic challenges of the ’90s the Town Delegates’ Body of Mórahalom had decided to take an forward-thinking step when approved the concept of the establishment of an industrial park. The only solution then was the increase of economic potential, the only starting point of which at that time was – the newly announced – industrial park program. our settlement was the first one in the county to establish an industrial park, in 1997. The title-holding municipality has been working with full effort since then to continuously expand and develop the area, infrastructure and services of the industrial park.

The Homokhát Regional Agro-Industrial Park was established with an area of 10 hectars – partly brown field – with some enterprises which were dealing with the processing of agricultural products on their local premises. The objective was to create an enterprise-friendly economic environment for the investors undertaking the processing of local agricultural products.

An example of the implementation of the local integration of the farmers is the Móraprizma Cooperative, which enterprise had been established with the alliance of several local farmers, and where the off-season vegetable goods are processed to ready-to-cook packaged products.

Vegetables and salads which are inevitable parts of today’s eating habits, are made on the vegetable processing machines of Móraprizma Cooperative – and in this case these are made to be ready-to-cook. Their fresh vegetable products and salad mixes are delivered to the entire area of the country. They are producing their products by the exclusive use of superior quality raw materials, by applying the most up-to-date, strictly controlled technology.


Not only food processing type enterprises are welcome, but enterprises from any other sector of economy might find their lucky business in the industrial park of Mórahalom. LKG Delta Ltd. in its modern factory, with high-level construction and equipment, carries out the manufacturing of  metal structures, hot galvanizing and the assembly of steel structures. The firm also produces complementary  metal structures, accessories of machinery and stainless steel street furniture, bicycle  storage racks.


Our industrial park provides place for several enterprises with international interests. During the 2000s investors arriving from the BENELUX states had seen the economic opportunity in settling down in our industrial park. The biggest employer of the industrial park, Beltaste Ltd. produces “shashlick” (a product of meat and vegetables on a stick) with the use of local raw materials and labor force, which is then exported to the western countries in a frozen state.

In terms of the number of employees the next one is Pacapime Ltd., but concerning the total value of investment it is the largest enterprise in the industrial park. The company manufactures corrugated cardboard from rolled paper raw material, and from corrugated cardboard wrapping material and boxes. The company’s factory has almost 3ha of floor space, as a result of several investments, and here machine lines make the paper packaging material with extremely high speed. Both enterprises deploy the most up-to-date technique and technology. Among the foreign investors LC Packaging TPI Ltd. is also worth mentioning; it deploys and sells a wide range of wrapping materials.


The fruit of state-level economy-boosting activity of the 2010’s is the 18 newly established premises, which are located in the new section of our industrial park, developed by several expansions, along the Papírgyári road. Mórahalom-based enterprises as well as enterprises coming from other settlements of the county earned grants thru their EU-projects to realize their concepts and economy-boosting activity. These small- and medium-sited enterprises which run service providing, building industrial and production activities, constitute the “engine” of the industrial park currently.

Some enterprises doing scientific research activity also selected our industrial park as the location of their premises. The activity and collaboration of these enabled our park to apply for a higher level of appreciation, the title: Scientific and Technological Park.

Among others, Seqomics Biotechnológia Ltd. excels in the field of microbiology and its medical applications; Creantex Ltd. carries out social research. They work together with a higher education institute, a research institute and the enterprises within the park.


As a result of further developments, the industrial park of Mórahalom lies currently on an area of one hundred hectares.  It has a significant number of 89 enterprises, belonging to 68 company groups, operating here. The number of employed people exceeds 500 heads. Via its projects, the title-holding municipality carries out infrastructural developments continuously. We welcome and  support with preferential conditions all such enterprises which wish to realize their economy-boosting concept in our settlement. Henceforth we wish to prominently manage local knowledge- and technology-utilization, as well as access to, availability of research & development and innovational resources for the immigrated enterprises.

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