Human resources

One of the most important elements of the successful operation of enterprises is the proper labor force.

In Mórahalom and its surroundings diligent, busy and well-educated labor force can be found, which is open to novelties. The expertise, experience and high-level performance of the local labor force stands the comparison with its Western-European counterparts. At the same time its wage cost and thus the production costs are significantly lower, but also approx. 25% lower than the national average.

Situation in the employment market

The current situation in the employment market contains several favorable elements for investors, because the engagement of the free labor force is promoted by several governmental and local grant allowances. The ratio of registered unemployed residents is around 11% in the region. Typical of the regional labor force supply that both people for precise skilled work and for intellectual work demanding a high grade of innovativeness. Typical of the region, that several hundred people with industrial, economic and intellectual interest, can only find a job in Szeged, and these people would gladly change this, if there would be an opportunity, option nearby their place of residence. The local employment market is similar to that of Western Europe, with the difference that the average wages are lower here. The average earnings are approx. 25% under the Hungarian average.

SEQOMICS Biotechnology lab.

SEQOMICS Biotechnology lab.

Among the enterprises the small ones dominate. The number of self-employment type enterprises is also high. The largest employers on the regional level are the municipalities.

Education, educational opportunities

The professional knowledge of the labor force of the region is determined by the educational institutes and facilities found in Szeged, since there is almost no other possibility to do secondary and tertiary education elsewhere in the region. Mórahalom deserves special attention in this respect, because professional education adapted to the special givens of this town and region has been established for students of the 9th – 13th school years, and also adult education adjusted to the goals of lifelong learning system.

In the Ferenc Móra General Educational Center (ÁMK/GEC) elementary level education is going on. Within the framework of the Szeged-located vocational training the profession called “rural host” can be learnt, and as a secondary vocational school education, massage therapist and physiotherapeutic assistant professions can be learnt. In the framework of adult training primarily adjusted to the givens of the region, the following specializations are educated:  agriculture, forestry, gardening, bio-production, oenology, but the vocational school undertakes education-organizational activity in any specialization according to the demands  of the investors. In the field of R&D activities Szeged occupies second place in the hierarchy of the country after the capital.

In the secondary educational institutes (in trade schools and vocational schools) of the county the following professions can be learnt:

technical professions: electro-technician, mechanic, IT-expert, artificer, fitter, welder, building electricity technician, joiner, building trade professions
– food trade professions: meat industry skilled worker, baking industry skilled worker, dairy product maker, poultry industry technician, laboratory technician
– other: forester, chemist, accountant, accounting clerk, domestic- and international trade clerk, economic IT-expert etc.

The professionals getting out of the universities and colleges of Szeged represent a wide range of intellectual occupations: lawyers, economists, people with degree in natural science, managers of different specializations, food industry engineers and operators, physicians,  pharmacists, researchers, teachers.

60% of the people with a secondary school degree, 100% of the people with a university degree can communicate in some foreign language, most of them in English and German. The most popular languages other than these two are French, Italian and Spanish. Still a lot of people speaks Russian. 20% of the language speakers have advanced level knowledge.

Mórahalom built up smoothly working connections with the secondary and tertiary educational institutes, therefore we can acquire relevant, up-to-date information about the freshly graduated professionals any time. About the skilled workers with a lot of experience and those who are unemployed, the branch office of the Csongrád County Office of the National Employment Service operating in our town can provide up-to-date information.

TOP-5.1.2-15 Local employment collaborations – non-repayable grants related to employment

Mórahalom town puts emphasis on the motivation of the implementation of integrated programs in its medium-run development strategy, connecting economy- and employment development based upon the labor force demand of the enterprises.

In the framework of the local level Homokhát employment pact launched in 2016, employment market programs and trainings were organized, as well as an opportunity opened for the wage-support of a large number of jobs. valamint nagy létszámú álláshelyek bértámogatására nyílt lehetőség?

This objective was achieved by the Municipality of Mórahalom collaborating with the  Government Bureau, and economic and civil role-players concerned in the improvement of employment. For further information please contact Szilvia Baranyai on the 06/62-284-022 -phone number, extension 173.

List of jobs advertised and sought after by the employers of Mórahalom

LKG Delta Kft: welder, qualified welder, locksmith, medium-level manager – production supervisor.

lkgAddress: Mórahalom, Gerle Imre u., 6782

Phone:(62) 581 080


RMB-Transz Kft: building trade workers.

rmbAddress: Mórahalom, Röszkei út 38, 6782
Phone:(62) 281 440


Pacapime Kft: forklift driver, repairman, maintenance worker, machine operator.

Mórahalom, Papírgyári út, 4., 6782
Phone:(62) 580 581


Beltaste Mórahalom Kft.: shashlick sticker, meat-and vegetable cutter.

beltastekicsiAddress: Mórahalom, Röszkei út 51, 6782


Bau Mátrix Kft.:
building trade technical preparer, project supervisor (site manager), tinsmith, ferro-concrete mechanic, plumber and heating repairman, painter, mason, enveloper.

baumátrix80Address: Mórahalom, István király út 8. 6782

Aranyhomok Trans Kft:
truck driver.

aranyhomokAddress: 6782 Mórahalom, Röszkei út 36.
Phone:(62) 580 015