We established the Homokhát Regional Agro-Industrial Scientific and Technological Park 20 years ago, in 1997. Such a favorable infrastructural base was elaborated, which – based on the scientific culture and human resources of the Szeged-centered region – provides the most optimal conditions for the enterprises and investors. We are looking forward to those immigrating and settling enterprises which deem that besides the triple border our industrial park means an outstanding opportunity to implement their investment.


The industrial park in numbers:


year of establishment: 1997
area of the industrial park: 100,75 ha, 72% utilization, 42% plot ratio
number of enterprises: 89
number of people employed: 550 heads
total value of investment: 14,1 billion Ft
annual revenue of the companies in 2015: 19,5 billion Ft


The enterprises operating in the industrial park of Mórahalom belong to the following branches of industry:

  • building industry,
  • food industry,
  • paper-processing and paper wrapping material production
  • transportation
  • logistics
  • food trade
  • agricultural input matter trade
  • biological research
  • metal elaboration
  • printing industry

The characteristics of our industrial park

  • success-oriented tender coordination,
  • municipality investment partnership and guarantees,
  • comprehensive authority administration,
  • company management settlement program,
  • workers’ hostel program, non-repayable grants related to employment,
  • build-up infrastructure and utility-connection opportunity,
  • great geographical position, with nearby motorway connection,
  • „one-window” fast and flexible municipal administration.